Olivia R Beelby

(b. 1997, Flint) is an artist (for life) and teacher (for money) living and working in the occupied Anishinaabe territory of Waawiyatanong, commonly known as Detroit. They received their BFA in illustration from the College for Creative Studies in 2019, and has since created illustrations for commission, personal practice, and group exhibitions. Their first solo exhibition Some Fantasies debuted in March of 2023 at Vault of Midnight in Detroit.

Olivia is fascinated by the ability to conjure illusions from marks on a surface and has been experimenting with this possibility ever since their kindergarten declaration that they would grow up to be an artist. Currently their work is heavily inspired by their time spent with young children, both the fantasy stories they weave and the ways they utilize media to illustrate them.

Please direct all inquires to orbeelby@gmail.com